Cheese Making Classes

Cheese Making Classes

Classes are limited in size to 6 people.  All classes cost $65.00. .  The classes run as a series but are set up so that each class can be taken independently. You will leave each class with  written instructions, recipes, make sheets,  plus a discount coupon for use at Wheyward Girl Creamery.  And of course, the cheese you made. The class is a hands on class which includes a cheese tasting based on the types  of cheese you are making in class.  

What you will learn….
This is a series of classes and during the course of these classes you will not only learn cheesemaking but you will learn about salting, waxing, brine and aging.  PH meters will be addressed along with other cheese making equipment. We will discuss ingredients  - rennet, culture, salt, milk and milk types.  You receive follow up support and trouble shooting any time you need it.   Just e-mail us at

​Cheesemaking 101  General information about cheesemaking, equipment and recipes.  Learn to make fresh cheeses - fromage blanc, ricotta & cream cheese.

Feta and More   This class is designed to teach you the steps in making feta & setting up brines for salting and storage 

Mold Ripened Cheese  Students make a camembert inspired cheese and learn about aging. Leave class with a round of cheese to age to perfection.

Pressed Cheese  The steps for making hard and semi hard cheese will be covered.Leaving with a tomme for aging at home.

Mozzarella  Fresh mozzarella & burrata in 30 minutes.   You will also receive plenty of practice in stretching curd.  Cheese tasting will include several types of Mozzarella .
Class Schedule

January 30 Tuesday @ 1:pm
Cheesemaking 101

February 4 Sunday @ 11:00

February 18 Sunday @ 11:00
Soapmaking with goats milk

February 27 Tuesday @ 3:00
Fun Cheese Appetizers

March 4 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheesemaking 101

March 13 Tuesday @ 1:00
Feta and more

April 15 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheesemaking 101

April 24 Tuesday @ 3:00
Cheese Appetizers

May 15 Tuesday @ 1:00

May 20 Sunday @ 11:00
Soapmaking with goat’s milk

May 29 Tuesday @ 1:00
Feta and more

June 3 Sunday @ 11:00
Building a cheese plate

June 17 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheese Pairings

June 26 Tuesday @ 1:00

July 1 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheesemaking 101

August 19 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheese pairings

August 28 Tuesday @ 1:00

September 2 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheese Appetizers

September 11 Tuesday @ 1:00 pm
Hard Cheese

September 16 Sunday @ 11:00
Cheese Bites

September 25 Tuesday @ 1:00
Cheesemaking 101

October 7 Sunday @ 11:00
Feta and more

October 21 Sunday @ 11;00

October 30 Tuesday @ 12:00
Soapmaking with goats milk

November 4 Sunday @ 11:00
Building a Cheese Plate

November 13 Tuesday @ 1:00 pm
Cheesemaking 101

November 18 Sunday @ 11:00
Holiday Cheese treats and appetizers


All Classes $65.00 
Sign up via e-mail -
Call 530 478-1665
Class size 6
Classes are non refundable but you can reschedule
​Private classes available

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Mozzarella stretching at 80 Ottanta in Paris, France